Holiday Recipes

The holiday season is here, and this Lifestylist® has gotten busy in the kitchen working on new recipes for the holiday season.

We usually start getting ready by entering recipes in the State Fair of Texas cooking competitions. It's a great place to try out new recipes and see how they are received.

If you search for recipes online like we do, I bet you have found that a lot of them have errors in them - even on the main websites that we love and trust. It takes a lot of time, trials and money to perfect a recipe, and we make a point of making the recipes we share again and again until they come out the way that we want them to. We also show our not so great results and failures on our social media pages. We aren't perfect, but we are constantly trying and revising.

Take a look at our recipes on our Lifestylist website and see what you think. We are particularly proud of teh recipe featuring my mother's sweet roll recipe that is a holiday tradition to make into tress and give as gifts. We hope that it will become a tradition for your family as well.

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