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These Are A Few of our Favorite Things

What a busy month September is turning out to be! We have lots of new model homes that we are working on, a trip or two to Napa to work with clients, and of course, we are looking forward to enjoying a little bit cooler weather with family.

One of the easiest ways we have found to shop for a lot of our new projects is to take advantage of one-stop shopping with Amazon. They have asked us to do a page of some of our favorite finds, and we have done that on our very own Amazon Lifestylist page!

These shoes are always something I get asked about when I wear them, and I wear them a lot because they are so darn comfortable. It's hard to believe they are under $18 and can get them with Amazon Prime for under $18 in two days or less! Plus they come in an assortment of great colors. Take a stroll through our Lifestylist Look area and see which are your favorites.