Will They Come Back?

I've been reading a lot lately gathering information for my 2010 trend report. I've found it's a great way for me to focus on what's really going on in the market and to be able to share my research with my clients. In the process of doing this I've also found some great articles that aren't necessarily trends but best practices.
Barclay Butera has become a great fresh force in the design world, and if you are not familiar with him and his work you should be sure to take a look at his website. What is really fun is that I have know his mother Karen Butera for years and she was one fo the driving forces and inspirations that lead me into model home merchandising. Many, many years ago I met Barclay when I think he was in school when we spoke on a panel together at the international Builders Show. It's fun to be able to say I knew him when :)
Barclay has a great quote on his website: "Furnishings don't make a home. Life Does. And life isn't something that comes from a store. Design is the way you present your lifestyle to the world. And that's when the right furnishings make all the difference." He also stated that if when people come to your store or model homes and they have a nice experience they are going to remember you and come back if they aren't ready at that time to make a purchase. The sales person is such a crucial part of the buying process, but too often they forget that everyone that walks thru that door is a potential client or a possibility of a referral.

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